martin beckmann - personal details

  • Since 2014 publicly appointed and sworn in expert for EU ETS, provides the full scope of EU ETS verification services for all companies operating installations covered under EU ETS as well as aviation companies required to comply with the EU ETS regulations
  • Verification of application for allowances and emission reports for a multitude of installations amongst them refineries, steel industry etc.
  • Verifier for emissions from the aviation sector
  • Since 2013 technical reviewer under accreditation of Verico SCE and further network partners
  • ISO 50001 auditor and BAFA listed auditor for EDL-G audits
  • Lead Auditor for verification of F-Gas inventories in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases
  • Lead auditor for validation and verification of JI/CDM e.g., Energy industry & renewable energy projects, Industrial energy efficiency, Fuel switch plus VER projects e.g. wind- and hydro projects
  • Lead Auditor for validation of UER projects

Unique characteristics

Many years of experience as EU ETS expert and MRV expert from different perspectives, amongst them also from plant manufacturer and technical adviser from trading perspective in the Investment bank arena. 

the company

Climate Change Services with its partners provides a broad range of services to its clients from verification/certification up to consultancy - keeping independence and impartiality  - within emission trading, climate protection and energy efficiency. The portfolio ranges from EU ETS verification to capacity building with assistance in implementing MRV  in emission trading systems.