The climate legislation has been changing very dynamically for the last years. There exists an amount of complex EU-Regulations, laws and other guidelines by the European Commission, the DEHSt and the appropriate national authorities which are combined with international agreements. Several laws and specifications are legally disputed and contradictory.

 We want our clients to get along with the set of rules and regulations with minimal efforts to gain the best opportunities for forward action. Therefore, in our existing network, we offer to our clients the following services addressing climate legislation, EU ETS and energy efficiency:

  • Verification of emission reports, applications for allocation etc. for installations under EU ETS: (cooperative member of verico SCE)
  • Verification of emission reports for aviation companies under EU ETS:
  • Support for the implementation of MRV systems as member of Verico SCE
  • Verification of F-Gas inventories in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 517/2014 for bulk importer as well as for prefilled equipment importers with the DAkkS accredited organization verico SCE:
  • validation of upstream emission reductions (UER) projects with Verico SCE
  • Support with the creation of carbon footprints in accordance with the standards of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, ISO 14065 and 14067 or EN 16258

In collaboration with our network partners we perform audits for the certification and re-certification of energy management systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001:

In addition to that we perform Energy audits referred to DIN 16247 especially for small and medium-sized enterprises: